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Queue Management

One of the things that makes us frustrated is having to wait in a queue. So, we offer you the best Queue Management software. We try to manage and cut down the waiting times, boost productivity, and give people a smooth and best queueing experience. Our best software will improve your access to service, develop and control the customer flow and gather data to improve their experience in any kind of organisation. Various sectors can be tied under this umbrella. Customers don't like waiting in lines or for a lengthy time. But many procedures depend on them. Because businesses use queues to ensure a smooth procedure and to keep customers within their premises. Our best product/service on queue management system (QMS) has advantages for everyone; primarily for those clients that don't want to muck about, they desire to be valued. We can improve their experience and wait time with the aid of the our best QMS. Our best QMS will help you in resource planning, employee queue management, and making your organisation more cutting-edge and current when it comes to administration. With this, you
can analyse client behaviour quite effectively. A successful organisation requires the world's best queue management softwares. And we are available to you.

Our Product

One Queue Customer Journey Management System

Our mission is to innovate robust solutions to assure the best customer experiences. A good customer journey experience is the vital element in retaining a customer. It’s always hard or a time-consuming task for a patient to walk in to a hospital / clinic and take a busy specialist’s consultation. One Queue’s goal is to facilitate a soothing customer experience at a hospital/clinic. Governmental services access for citizens must be instant and smooth, One Queue’s mission is to provide the best citizen journey experience at any governmental offices. To be precise One Queues vision is to be the best customer journey management solution.

One Queue is a smart & intelligent cloud-based queue management system. It can seamlessly manage all kinds of rush across different industries. One Queue systems are user friendly, that assures easy implementations, customisation and adaptation. Integrating One Loop customer feedback loop systems with One Queue enables you to listen to customer opinions in real time. Real time data and reports by One Queue opens up doors for intelligent business strategies and thereby continuous improvement of your organisation.

How it works

One Queue is easily integrable with your organisation’s website/mobile application to accept online bookings. This gives frequent customers allot convenience for prior booking a convenient time slot.

Normal cases a customer directly walks in to your hospital/ clinic/business locations, One Queue manages walk-in customers in a well organised manner. Customer can easily take a token slot via a touch screen kiosk / QR code scanning at your business locations main entrance.

You can easily configure One Queue systems in your organisations different departments and train the concerned officer to use the systems according to the roles they are assigned. Smart desktop widgets, mobile applications and display screens are designed with care that it provides best user experiences for admins, your office staffs and customers. Your officers can easily call customers with calling applications, customer can be intimated their term via display screens/ custom One App mobile application or via web application that can be accessed with QR code scanning. Customers also can review / give feedbacks via One Loop feedback loop systems.


One Queue provides valuable reports related to the efficiency of each departments in your organisation related to average customer serving time, daily customer counts, and aggregated report which are very useful for your organisation’s management information purposes. Real time reports, customer reviews and feed backs are very useful for any organisations long term quality improvement strategies.


The Gist of One Queue

  • Easy booking & appointment option for all.
  • App will notify officer about priority customer / patient!
  • Self-serving kiosks, QR code scan options for all walk-in customers
  • Display Apps tv screens - intimate customer status transparently
  • Display & intimations via Mobile app, push messages
  • Easy calling widgets for officers/receptionists
  • Alerts your officers .to promptly serve every one!
  • Feedbacks & reviews (Listening to customers 24*7)
  • Reports & analytics - Magic of Big Data analytics
  • Suits for larger or smaller geographical locations.
  • Adaptable (best UI/UX), customisable & integrable (can be customised
  • according to client requirements & integrated with existing software’s like HMS or LMS if needed)