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Digital Signage

The growing use of digital signage across the field was made possible by the increasing use of digital content. The vivid display of websites, films, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital graphics utilising display technologies such as LED walls (or video walls), projection, and LCD monitors are now common among us. But choosing the appropriate and best software for your needs is tough. We , BG Soft helps you to make your decision more accurately with our best services in digital signage.

Experience best features and softwares for your needs.

Your business can be more than wayfinding, communication, sales, and outdoor media with us all giving the best digital signage softwares. Projects embracing digital signage should be designed and carried out by experts, which is why we are available to you. We would be capable of determining whether your expectations are achievable, recommending the best technology, and guaranteeing the appropriate setup for your requirements. There are several technologies, including interactive digital signage, LED walls, and context-aware digital signage. Depending on your requirements, we determine the best type of digital signage application you require. Our best services can benefit you in a wide range of things, including ;

  • Improving your customer experiences
  • Improve brand growth
  • Improve internal information
  • Increase promotion, and more
  • Centralised system to manage digital contents.
Our Product

Smart Digital Signage Software

Our Smart Digital Signage Solutions are intended to help you to transform all screens across your organization to smart screens, you customize each and every pixel to promote valuable contents that add enormous value to your brand.

Single or multi geographic locations screens can easily be integrated and managed by One app. Oneapp helps you to adapt to the context and audience, provides green and Oneapp. Oneapp helps you to adapt to the context and audience, provides green and sustainable advertisement opportunities, helps you to spread all your valuable contents to the right audience.

Key Features :

One System for all locations

Oneapp smart digital signage software can integrate operations across different locations in an easy manner.

Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency

Oneapp assures you affordable solutions without compromising quality, security and features.

Customizable & Integrable

Oneapp systems are capable of easy implementations, Very much customizable according to your requirements. Easily integrable with existing software solutions at your organization.

Sustainable & Echo-Friendly

Oneapp solutions helps you to be echo friendly, reduces printing expenses of flyers& banners extensively.

How it works

Content Management

One Queue is easily integrable with your organisation’s website/mobile application to accept online bookings. This gives frequent customers allot convenience for prior booking a convenient time slot.

Multi Location Management

Oneapp Smart Digital Signage Software is the best available solution suitable for smaller or larger geographic locations. It helps you to transform all your digital screens to highly customizable smart screens to promote various contents.

Custom Types

Suitable as a menu board at a restaurant, café or store chain to display product menu and offers. Perfect solution that is integrable with One Queue smart queue management system and be used at hospitals, banks, government offices etcetera. Custom scroll menu for transmitting useful scroll messages.

Analytics Reports

Oneapp gathers and provides you efficient reports on different location screen times, contents and other statistically relevant data. Team Oneapp supports for custom reports according to your needs.

Why our service different from other ?

BG Soft's best expertise can guide you in gaining these features and having the best software for your needs.